Shopping Again

2013-05-08 15.29.46I was blog surfing the other day and found one that was using 1/4″ tape for quilting lines.  I had asked where she found it because that is really what I’d like to use for my hand quilting since it’s easier than marking all those lines!  My shipment came today from Connecting Threads and of course I had to add some items to the order since the tape was pretty cheap.  I ordered 2 packs of 4 different charm packs to try their fabric.  Each set should be enough to do hexagons, or triangles, or some size squares with.  Not that I’ll be doing anything soon, but at least they are here and ready for me when I have time.  Of course what do I see at Walmart today?  The same quilters tape!!  Oh well, I can always get it there when I run out of the 2 I just got today.

2013-05-08 15.31.32 I managed to get another diamond completed and I have the next 4 prepped and ready to go.  I’m hoping to get some work done on them this weekend since we’ll be camping and I won’t be able to watch much tv!  I really like the colors in this one, I love the orange!!

I need to go and get the fabric for the block exchange split up and ready for the meeting tomorrow.  Need to get everyone working on their blocks!  I need to go shopping for some coordinating fabrics, plus fat quarters for the exchange, those are due in June.