Busy, busy, busy!

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2013-10-26 15.16.16

It’s been busy around here the last couple of weeks.  My son was the ring bearer in a friend’s wedding last week. He looked so handsome!!!  We were very proud of him, he did everything he was supposed to do!  I made the couple my usual wedding gift, cross stitch picture in a matted frame for 2 of their wedding pictures.  I’ve probably made close to 10 of these for family and friends over the years.

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2013-11-03 16.58.14

Hubby helped me get my Studio situated yesterday.  We had a table in the basement that he made years ago for his music keyboard that has just been sitting there.  So I had him cut the legs down so that it would fit underneath my sewing table.  You can see a couple of boxes under there, once I take care of those (documents that need shredded) it should fit nicely against the wall on the left.  Haven’t used it much yet, just did a trial cut the night it got here.  I do have a TON of black 2.5″ squares to cut, so it will get a workout soon.

2013-11-03 16.58.06I couldn’t decide what to work on today, hubby is busy with his business partner and Alex is napping, so after working on cleaning some stuff up in my office and starting the homemade chicken noodle soup I decided to pull out the scrappy 9 patch quilt I’ve been working on as leader/enders.  All of the 4 patches are completed, just need to iron them all – so I started working on the 9 patch blocks.  This is what I’ll need the black squares for.  I think this will go fast, since most everything is cut already.  Next I’ll need the 6.5″ black squares and I might wait to cut those until I can get the die for the Studio.  We’ll see!

2013-11-01 17.51.21When we were cleaning out my grandmother’s house, I got a box FULL of buttons.  I finally finished cutting them all off the cards or cutting them off strings and got them in a vase for on top of my cabinets.  Then I decided to take another vase and put all the thread that I got from her house too.  Since it’s been a lot of years since she’s sewn, I don’t really know how old the thread is.  Some of it is on wooden spools!  I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to use it, I’d rather use it for decoration.  Either way, it will remind me of her.

I think once I get the 9 patches done I’ll go back to the guild challenge quilt.  Just need to decide on which color to do the sashing in so I can put it together.  Shouldn’t take too long, I have just over a month before it needs to be done for our meeting.  Hopefully back soon with another update!