Project Update

Good Night Irene 020415I’ve gotten a few more hexagon diamonds completed, I’m now up to 36 diamonds completed and 18 flowers. I’m still trying to decide if I want to put a corner together now or wait until I have all the diamonds completed. I’m actually now thinking of waiting so I can decide how I want the diamonds laid out in the design. I could do a rainbow effect, or just randomly place them. Still plenty of time to decide since I still need 122 more diamonds!

I managed to finish the border block pieces for Good Night Irene, I now have all the pieces ready to put together. However, this will now be set aside for a bit because I got the rest of the fabric I need in order to finish Alex’s quilt. I bought the 4 yards (maybe too much) so I can do the piano key border and probably also a scrappy binding. Now that I have the kids in bed for naps (Alex is STILL sick!) I can get to work!