Good Night Irene Update

Good Night Irene 071015I have FINALLY gotten all the center of the quilt put together. When I originally signed up for the SAL and designed it in EQ I was going to put a border of just one fabric on it. I decided I didn’t have anything I liked or wanted to use for the border and I’ve now designed a border with 9 patches to go next. After I finish working on my next commission quilt I’ll get back to this one. I’d like to get it finished and put in the “to quilt” pile.

I’ve decided to work on Bonnie Hunter’s leader/ender project this year since it’s tumbler blocks. I have SO many 2.5″ squares that have been cut over the years that I needed to do something with them. Cutting them just a little into tumblers is so easy and I can easily make some kind of quilt out of them. I just ordered a template from Missouri Star Quilting Company and after a discussion in one of my Facebook groups, I found out that Sizzix makes a die for cutting 2.5″ tumblers (4 at a time) and it will work on my Studio, so I happened to find that die on MSQC as well and ordered it. I need an adapter to use it in the Studio, so until I find out the thickness and either buy one or have daddy make me one I can use the template.

Mondo Bags - Sage SolanaWe finally got together with our friends so we could give the girls their birthday presents. I’ve had them done and sitting here wrapped for over a month! I made them Mondo bags in their school colors and I’m happy to say they loved them!

It’s getting late and I want to get a few more things done before bed, hoping to be working on projects more and being able to post updates!