Hexie Insanity Update

hexi insanity 073015We’ve been in and out on vacations and various camping trips, but I’ve finally made some progress on hexie insanity! I’m now 8% done! LOL Seems silly to be proud of that, but that’s ok, this is going to take awhile to finish! I have lots of white on whites that I’m using, most of them were acquired from the guild fat quarter swap. I’m using 7 different ones in the path around each diamond, so I’m hopeful I won’t have the same ones next to each other! I found a nice container at Walmart recently that I have all my basted hexies in, along with a stack of diamonds waiting for the pathway, plus my scissors and thread. It snaps closed so if Cassie gets if off the table they won’t go everywhere!

Kids are doing awesome, Cassie does new things every day. She’s now climbing on the couch – actually on anything she can. She’s learning new words too and now calls her big brother Bubba since she can’t say Alex! Alex is going to be starting his second year of preschool in another month and then next year – Kindergarten!

Off to get something done before Cassie is up from her nap!