On the Needles – Updates – January 22, 2016

Camo Blanket 012216I’ve been working on this blanket for my sister recently. I started it a LONG time ago (ok, maybe only a year ago) and usually only work on it during the winter. Since it’s getting heavy it’s kinda warm. I have a long way to go on it, I have a lot of this yarn to use up and my sister is taller than me and it needs to cover her up!

Shawl 012216I started this after my son’s birthday party so I could relax. I love the colors in the yarn but I’m not so happy with the yarn itself. It seems to fray a bit and if it’s pulled too tight it can come apart very easily. It’s very easy knit and purl, which I don’t mind when we are watching tv!

Socks 012216I still haven’t finished those doggone socks! Started them last May and I just have to finish the ribbing on the second sock. I didn’t mind the work on the rest of the sock, but I’m really not liking the k2p2 ribbing that I’m doing. Every once in awhile I take it back out and do a row or two before putting it away. There’s about 3-4 inches left to do and I do want to finish them so I can wear them!

Need to be able to work on knitting and hexies and I’d like to get back to my cross stitch too! I think once I finish hexie insanity I’ll only do cross stitch and knitting as hand work and just do the quilting in my office – of course I might change my mind too! 🙂

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