Dear Jane….Changes

dear jane eqI’ve been working on my Dear Jane quilt for almost 6 years. I really just lost interest when my son was born and I just didn’t have a lot of time for quilting. After teaching last week and talking about it and listening to Lazy Daisy’s podcast the other day, I decided that I lost interest in it because I just don’t like the fabrics. The Civil War colors just aren’t me. So I’ve now decided that I’m going to take everything I have done and put it together into a small quilt (right now as designed it’s under 50″ square). I have 4 blocks I need to make to make this work, and also figure out what to do with the triangles that I already have done. I still want to do a Dear Jane quilt, BUT this time I will do it in MY colors. Might use my equinox fabrics, or Moda Marbles, or just scraps but it will be something that I’ll enjoy making this time. I’m actually debating hand sewing them, and if I do that I can take them camping this summer. It would make a great summer project. I will use up as much of the fabric pieces I have in the backing, binding and possibly the border and then I’ll have to decide what to do with the remaining pieces. Might just take it to guild and give it away.

It’s amazing how making a decision like this is freeing. I’m now excited to start the new Dear Jane quilt! Hope to have some updates soon, shouldn’t take too long to get this top put together since the blocks are already put together!