Contest – Please vote

I did it again, I entered a quilt in Quilting Gallery’s weekly contest.  This week is memory quilts and I’ve submitted Peepaw’s Quilt.  In 2009 my mother-in-law gave my husband a bag full of buttons and medals from her father’s Marine uniforms (he was in the service during WWII.)  So, I printed pictures of Peepaw and then attached the buttons and pins in the alternate squares.  It hangs in my husbands office so he can see it everyday.  Please head over to Quilting Gallery and vote for Peepaw’s Quilt!!

New Quilt/Learnings

Well, I’ve been busy this week!  I posted on Monday that I started a new quilt, it’s now done!  Here’s my question though, does it need another border?  It’s about 36″ x 36″ and I’m only planning on using it as a quilt in the car, for Alex or if we go on a picnic or something.  I won’t be quilting it until I get my new stencils – and I don’t know when that will be since my order says Pending on the site!  It went together very quickly and I love that I used fabrics from the stash, NOTHING new was bought!

I’ve been thinking about my next hexagon quilt this week and I think I’ve got it designed the way I want it.  The example I found on has the diamonds vertically, but I think I like them on their sides.  None of the colors in the EQ version match what I’m actually going to use, since I’ll be pulling from the 2.5″ square bin to make all the diamonds.  I think I’ll do all the diamonds and then put them together with the white, or at least I’ll see how far I get with the hexi papers I already have printed out!  I’ve figured I need 59 full diamonds and 12  half diamonds and this one will finish at 79″ x 85″.  Huge for me!  I just checked sizes and it looks like that might be large enough to fit our king size bed!  I’d have to put big enough borders to hang down the sides, although I might put it on the bed in the guest room.  It’ll be awhile before it’s finished, so I guess it doesn’t matter right now!

I was playing with EQ today while Alex played and hubby was busy on his laptop and learned some new things.  I didn’t realize that you could create a quilt layout from a block!  Here’s the caveat though, the block can only have horizontal and vertical lines – no diagonals or it won’t work. I also figured out how to break blocks apart in Word so that you can show how to make a block, that’s cool!  I did find something I’m disappointed in though, I created the new hexagon quilt in EQ on my mac (using software called VirtualBox to run windows) and created it in a new project.  I can move blocks, layouts (uncolored), photos, fabrics into another project but not colored quilts!  I wanted to move the new quilt into my hexagon project, that sucker took a long time to color in!  Oh well, maybe in the next version?

Well, I’m off to start working on the new hexagon quilt, I think I’ll print out some more papers, I think I’ll need them!

It’s done!!!

Well, I finished galaga last night, practically falling asleep as I took the final stitches.  It looks pretty good, just need to decide what kind of frame to get for it and give it a quick wash.  Started it on May 19th and finished June 24th, just over a month to do, with some breaks when I decided to finish up the hexagon quilt.  Now I need to decide what the next cross stitch project is going to be, I’m thinking maybe of finishing up my Love Is flowers.  I already know what kind of frame that is going in, I think it’ll fit in a long frame with 3 4×6″ spots in the matting.  I don’t think it took me long to do the other 2, so this might be off my list pretty quick.

As I was putting away all the equinox fabric last week I found a plastic bag with a zipper that was full of scraps.  All kinds of odds and ends from previous projects.  I spent a day and ironed everything and got it cut into the 2.5″ squares so it’s ready to use.  I also found the remainder of the 6″ novelty prints that I bought years ago to do Georgia’s quilt.  So yesterday I decided I wanted to make an I spy quilt for Alex.  Designed it up and started working on it.  The 4 patches all use my 2.5″ squares and they are all put together.  I have the center sitting on the cutting table waiting to be sewn together.  I still have to iron all the 4 patches for the border, but that won’t take long.  I’m hoping to get most of this put together this afternoon while Alex naps.  It’s not that big of a quilt, 36″ x 36″, so it should quilt fairly quickly.  I want to put it on the frame and meander – maybe take an afternoon to quilt? We’ll have to see.

Dear Jane Update

Just a quick note, I did finish that block this evening while watching the Cavs/Heat game. Good news, another block done, bad news the Cavs lost by a small margin. *sigh* Up to 77 blocks completed! Making progress, just another 92 and the center will be complete.

H-6: Applique


I haven’t had any more time to sew, but I figured I’d post about the new quilting site that’s coming. It’s going to be a bit like Ravelry for knitters in that everything is in one place! Fabric, patterns, projects, etc. I’ve only seen screenshots and I know they are working to resolve some issues they’ve been having, but I can’t wait to see this site in action! Oh wait! DUH! Helps if I give you the link right? You can get the story of SeamedUP here at their blog, but the site is at SeamedUP. I have a block in the sidebar if you want to contribute to the cause to defray the startup costs.

Can’t wait!!

Latest Finishes

I know I haven’t been around in awhile, but I’ve been VERY busy getting things ready for my son’s arrival. I haven’t even had time to work on my Dear Jane quilt – although that could also be due to the carpal tunnel!

I’ve added another finish to the PhD Challenge for the quild, I finally got the Sudoku quilt quilted and bound. The best part of this quilt is that it is the first quilt I completed on my quilting frame with a pantograph! I haven’t been able to work on any others on the frame, even though I have many I could do because my belly is a little to large to get close to the frame! They’ll have to wait until after this little one is born!

Sudoku Quilt

I also managed to complete the Shower Quilt and a Wallhanging that allows me to put pictures in it. There’s lots of room left on the Shower Quilt to allow others to sign it once he’s born, but it looks pretty good in his bedroom.

I doubt I’ll be around much in the next few weeks, we’ll see what I can get done before he’s born (I’m not counting on it being very much!)

Happy Day!!!

I’ve had my Mini-Pinni frame for almost 2 years now and have really only played with it. I haven’t finished a SINGLE quilt on it! It wasn’t until March that I figured out why it wasn’t working correctly (this post). I decided that if I’m going to get anything else on my PhD list done before this baby is born, I have to be able to do some pantographs. So I went up today and tried the free one that came with the frame package. It worked! 🙂 I need the hubby to help me figure out the right way to hook the laser up to my machine so I don’t have to hold the button down while I’m sewing, but it works! I think the first one I do is going to be the Quilter’s Suduko that I put together in January. Hopefully I won’t make too much of a mess of it and be able to put the binding on in a few days!

Last weekend I put together the backing for the quilt for the shower. I mentioned last month that I wasn’t going to actually quilt it until after the shower, but I figured it might save me some time later if I figured out the backing now. I got out my Accuquilt Go and cut out tumbler blocks out of all the fabrics that were used in the front. Lucky for me I had just enough tumbler blocks to have enough for the backing without adding anything! This left some of the fat quarters that I didn’t know what to do with. So I got out the die that came with my Go and starting cutting them up into 4.5″ squares and 2.5″ squares where I could. I now have a nice pile of 4.5″ charm squares that I can use to make some more quilts! Not that I need to make anymore!

Since I already had the Go out, I decided to start going through all my scraps and see what could actually be saved and cut up into 4.5″ or 2.5″ squares or 2.5″ triangles. I still have more scraps that need to be cut up, but it will get done sooner or later. I also have a small pile of scraps that can be cut into 1.5″ strips (this needs to be done by hand since I don’t have the die for my Go). The 1.5″ strips will be used for my locker rug hooking. I know, I have way too many projects going!!! 🙂

Sorry, no pictures today!

Finish #7!

I finished yet another item off my PhD Challenge list! I finished quilting it the other day, but couldn’t put the binding on until I finished shirts for a client. Finished those yesterday and decided to put the binding and sleeve on it. It’s really small, so it didn’t take long to hand sew it on last night. That’s now 3 items for show and tell at guild this month! I want to work on quilting on the frame, but until everything gets moved around and set up I don’t want to add the machine weight to the frame. Mom and dad are coming over tomorrow night so dad can help Michael move the bed from the nursery into the “guest” room.

Snowman Panel