Table of Elements Update

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be starting a new cross stitch piece, and I did start it on Monday. I gotten a few patterns from Pixel Patterns, and found out she was doing another SAL that I wanted to do too, the last one was a crochet SAL and I don’t do that anymore. Details are here, it is the Table of Elements and I’ve gotten some good work in the last few nights. I really haven’t worked with a scroll frame very much so this is definitely new for me. I’m trying to make myself use both hands to stitch and when I do it goes much faster. I think the app said I was just over 25% done with it. This first month we have 13 blocks to do so it’s not too much work. The picture is from last night when I was working on it, Raven is the lap puppy (at 5 years old) and refused to move so I could stitch. I might have gotten a little more done after the picture was taken and I’ll get more done tonight. The next section doesn’t come out until January 31st, so I have plenty of time to get this section done. I’ve already added this to my 2022 UFO Challenge list, I’ll be putting that up soon.

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OMG – January

Ok, we are going to try this again for 2022. Every year I have the best of intentions of doing one monthly goal (hosted by Elm Street Quilts) and I do ok for the first month or so and then never continue. In the attempt to get my 40+ list of UFO’s down I’m going to try this again! 🙂

This months goal is to get the top of Cassie’s EPP quilt put together. I have the first 4 rows assembled and I’m trying to work on it at least a little each night. 5 rows left to put together and then assemble into a top with border. Tonight I’ll start working on row 5 after dinner as my Sunday slow stitching. Cassie gets more and more excited with every row that gets added, which is making me want to get this done for her before her birthday in mid-March. I’ll be able to work on the quilting while she’s at school so she won’t see it.

Odds and Ends

I haven’t been doing much quilting lately, but I have been working to change that this weekend. After I finished making some masks for my sister and finished a small project for my dad, I decided it was time to work on my bow tie quilt. It’s been sitting around since before 2017 and I needed to get more done on it. So I stitched up all the bow ties I had sitting here already prepped and then finished all the alternate 9 patch blocks I needed for the border. I’m trying to do each bow tie block out of a different fabric, so I pulled out a large bag of scraps that I had bought years ago at a guild garage sale. All the squares are 3″ so I have to do some trimming before I can start sewing them together. I also need to cut some 2.5″ white on white squares, I will do that on the Studio once I’ve got the rest of the squares cut up. Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to cut them and get everything paired up so when I have time to stitch I’m ready to go.

I’ve been spending my time after the kids go to bed working on cross stitch. I have 2 wonderful teachers at school that are getting special gifts this year, one is finished and I need to get the second one started soon. I don’t have any pictures of the piece I’m working on right now, but it’s almost finished and I will post about it then. A friend on instagram had posted some Star Wars planets she was working on and she told me where to get them on Etsy. The first planet is almost done and Alex is quite thrilled with them getting done, all 9 will be framed and put on the wall in the hallway upstairs. I’m hoping that I can get the last 2 colors finished off tonight, depends on how tired I get after dinner. 🙂 That will be my Slow Sunday Stitching, check out what others are working on today at Kathy’s Quilts.

Since I got my cross stitching out again I found that there’s an awesome app that you can use to mark off what you’ve stitched. Unfortunately for me it’s only available for android, what’s a girl to do but buy a small android tablet for the app to run on? Pattern Keeper is a great app, but not all charts can be loaded in it yet. So I pulled up my MacStitch app and started putting some of them in myself. I also found that some charts on Etsy are already formatted for Pattern Keeper (PK) and if you ask nicely they might even add that to the download for you. I had one that I asked about before I bought and she saved it in the download for me. I can’t wait to start that one, it’s a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows piece, but I need to get the teacher ones and the Star Wars planets done first.

I need to get back to work on cutting up the 3″ squares, I hope to be back soon with some finishes.

Slow Stitching Sunday 102917

Wow, I just realized that it’s been a long time since I’ve done an update on my Hexie Temperature quilt. I’m slowly putting the hexie flowers together, appliqueing them to the white block and then putting borders on them. I now have 6 completed, and I have 2 more that just need the borders. I need to decide when I’m going to start putting the rows together, I might wait until I can put 2 complete rows together, which means 12 blocks and 2 blank ones – that I still need to make.

After dinner, while I watch basketball I’m planning on trying to finish the binding on my Dear Jane quilt and hopefully start appliqueing the few triangle blocks I have onto the back. I’m not doing going to do a label, instead I am going to write on the back with a fabric pen so it’s permanent. If I manage to finish that tonight then I plan to work on either more Hexie Temp flowers or my Dear Jane EPP, I’ve been missing that one too 🙂

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Sunday Slow Stitching

Commission Quilts 040117.jpgI’m hoping I can get binding finished today on 2 commission quilts that I’ve been working on for a friend. I got the labels, hanging sleeve and binding all machine stitched yesterday and started working on the hand work last night. I got a little tired and didn’t get as much done as I liked, but I think I will at least finish one of them tonight. If I get both of these done I can get back to working on Dear Jane EPP, I only have 4 more blocks finished on Row C. Row E just arrived yesterday, so I’m a bit behind!

Since I have hexagon diamonds basted, I’m hoping to start quilting it soon. I’m still not sure how I’m quilting the diamonds, but I know I can start working on the black pathways. I’m hoping to get a lot of work done on it this week, we’ll see how far I get.

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Slow Stitching Sunday

I plan on doing some machine quilting today, but later tonight while the kids play and after they go to bed I will be relaxing in my chair working on more Dear Jane EPP blocks. Yesterday I finished up all the basting on Row B (except for the missing pieces on B6 that are being mailed) and I managed to finish 2 blocks last night while I caught up on shows with the hubby. I enjoy watching tv with him and being able to work on a project that means something to me. Right now it’s either Dear Jane EPP, hexie insanity or knitting – although I haven’t worked on any knitting in awhile!

I have a table runner to quilt, and I’m thinking of trying to stipple or meander – I did a little of it yesterday when I made a zipper pouch for Alex and I think I can make it look halfway decent. I also have to finish unpinning and rebasting a charity quilt that I started last week. I had it all the way basted and realized that it wasn’t lined up properly, the backing just wasn’t right. I’ll quilt that one with all straight lines because it doesn’t need anything more, it’s just a simple top!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

hexi insanity 020115I spent the week working on basting the stack of hexagons I pulled and prepped. Took all week, but now there are 17 ready for stitching and 2 I completed last night and this morning. I am hoping to get some white hexies basted this week and maybe put a corner together to see how I like it. I created a spreadsheet for this quilt so I can keep track of how many of each color I complete – I’m such a geek! Linking up with Kathy’s Quilts – Slow Stitching Sunday.

I was hoping to get some sewing done yesterday and today, but Alex was sick with a fever yesterday and now today the baby has one. Still not sure what bug they picked up, but Alex is on the upswing and hopefully Cassie will be right behind him.

Daisy (Very Lazy Daisy podcast) posted some of her Dear Jane blocks on twitter this week and is trying to get me into working on mine again. I’m actually debating it! I know I have a few prepped, and if it’s something I can do by hand that would work even better. I’ll have to see what I have and what I can work on while the kids play.

Super Bowl is tonight, we don’t care much about the game, just the commercials! Hope your team wins!

Design Wall Monday – January 26, 2015

Good Night Irene 012515First up is my design wall/floor. I finished all the 16 patch blocks for Good Night Irene and cut the 44 4.5″ blocks I need to finish the pieced border. I just need to sit and sew the triangles on one corner of 40 of the newly cut blocks and then I can start putting it all together. Glad to see this finally coming together, it was a sew along from last year that just didn’t happen.
Alex's First Project

So Saturday when I was sewing and Alex had gotten up from “quiet time” he said he wanted to sew like me. Made my heart melt that he was interested in something I was doing! I told him we could make a blanket for his Glomer (glow-worm) that he takes EVERYWHERE! So yesterday he picked out 6 4.5″ squares and we sewed them together. I just put the backing on the top and sewed around it, flipped it inside out and then sewed around it to close the hole up. He helped with almost all of it, started to get bored by the time we got to sewing the last go around. But he’s proud of it and has been carrying it around with Glomer since we finished it.

Slow Stitching Sunday 012515So I meant to actually post this yesterday, and link to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post, but never got around to actually opening my laptop and doing a post. Just went to the page and it’s still open for posts! Yesterday was spent working on Hexie Insanity while we watched the Cavs beat Oklahoma City Thunder. I really am loving the peace that comes over me when I work on hexies. There’s no rush, no deadline, just time to work and relax. Not a lot of time for relaxing with 2 kids under 5, but we make do! Hopefully I’ll have some more progress to show with this quilt soon. Today I cut some white 2.5″ squares down to 2″ and some scrap white from the Good Night Irene project so I could start prepping some white hexies. I also signed up for white on white fat quarters in our guild exchange so I will have some nice variety coming all going to this project.

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