I’m still here!

I haven’t been working on much quilting lately, no time at the sewing machine and the hexagon diamonds have taken a back seat for awhile.  I spent most of August and September working on a cross stitch present for my parents 40th anniversary, now that it’s been given to them I can talk about it.  Unfortunately I was dumb and didn’t take a picture before I gave it to them!  I should be going to their house this week and will see if I can get a picture.

I’ve also been working on some Christmas presents, which I can’t talk about until after the holidays.  I have 1 stitched up and I am working on the 2nd, still have 1 to go after that.  We just made some decisions yesterday about presents that I am making, boy do I have a lot of work in the next 2 months!

Still looking for a hand quilting class to take.  I’m debating seeing if there is someone in the guild that would teach me.  I seem to be taking more of an active role in the guild.  I am now doing our guild blog.  I need to go back and put the newsletters going back to January 2012, but I don’t think there is any hurry. 🙂

Alex is now 2 and I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by!  He’s not talking yet, but some words are starting to come out. He’s so smart (I know, every mother says that!) and understands so much!  Since I don’t have any cross stitch or quilting pictures, you’ll have to settle for one of Alex’s 2 year pictures.