Hexagon Update

Hexagon Diamonds 012713I’ve been hard at work on my hexagon diamonds quilt.  I now have all the diamonds that are put together sewn into 1 piece.  It is getting to the point where I have to stand on a chair and hold the camera over my head (almost!) to get a picture of the whole thing.  I don’t know what I’ll do when it gets more rows added on!  I’m busy working on all the half diamonds so they are ready when it’s time to add them in, and with making more black hexis.  Won’t be able to add diamonds until there are black pathways.  I’m hoping to have enough black made that as I put a diamond in I can add the black pathway as well.  I’ve set myself a deadline of March 31st, don’t know if it will be ready for quilting by then or not.  Right now this is the only project I am working on by hand.  I hope to work on more machine work during the day when Alex is napping, the next one I hope to finish is the hubby’s birthday Christmas present.  I’ll explain once I finish it!

2013-01-23 14.50.03_1We spend a lot of time sitting on the floor playing with Alex and I keep forgetting to get a pillow form when I’m at Joann’s, when they are on sale and I’m there I can’t remember what the size is I need, and when I’m at home and can get the size I never remember!  A couple of years ago I used triangle scraps (I think I cut them with the Go Value Die) and made this pillow cover.  Since I had pulled out a high loft batting for the ironing table and never used it and I know I probably won’t use it in a quilt since I don’t like mine that thick, I decided to fold it as needed and use that as my pillow form.  It’s not perfect, but better than spending a ton of money on a pillow form!  Alex loves to lay on it and watch tv, although we’ve decided to start limiting how much tv he gets to watch.  He’s turning into a couch potato!DSC_5913

Design Wall Monday

Hexi Diamonds 012113

I’ve been working hard on my hexi diamond quilt. Since I decided to use it in the RV I have a deadline – self-imposed since we don’t have a delivery date or a camping date!  I have a few more diamonds completed, they just haven’t been added on yet because the colors are too similar to these and I want to spread them out.  I’m hoping to get another row added on in the next week, I managed to get an entire diamond put together while at my MIL’s for dinner last night.    Head over to PatchworkTimes to see other Design walls!

Hexagon Diamonds

Hexi Diamonds 011713

I’ve mentioned a few days this week that I was going to concentrate on my hexi diamonds.  I’ve decided that with some extra borders this quilt should be large enough to fit on the bed in our RV.  So I have 6-8 weeks to get it done, because that’s when we get the RV!  I already know that I will do simple quilting, a line through the center of each “row”, might not make sense now, but it will later!  I started attaching the diamonds to each other last night, I think I’ll put them all together before I start working on making more diamonds.  I have all the diamonds and half diamonds kitted up, can’t wait to see what some of them look like finished!  Today is HeLP for Hexie-aholics day over at sarah did it!, go take a look at what everyone is posting!

I’m back!

I know, I’ve been gone for awhile.  I wasn’t posting because I didn’t have any updates.  I do today!  I finished Month by Month last night.  It’s stitched on 28 count Zweigart in Pearl Linen.  Now I just need to find the right frame and figure out where to hang it.  Now on to the next cross stitch project!

Yesterday we went to Amish country.  Took my father-in-law to lunch and stopped at Lehman’s.  They have an outlet on the other side of hte parking lot and I ran in to see if there was anything interesting.  I found a couple of fat quarters for 1.25 and a BUNCH of thread really cheap!  I got 2 YLI spools (the big ones) for 2.99 each and 6 spools of Gutermann for 2.95 each.  I couldn’t pass up that deal!

I also finished another hexagon diamond and started the next one. Almost time to kit up some more!  Still trying to find a hand quilting class so I can start quilting the hexagon quilt, but I’m in no hurry.  I have a lot of projects to get done in the next few months, some are Christmas presents I have planned, we’ll see if I get any of them done!

Hope to be back soon with some updates!

Big Update!

I’ve been busy!  I finished another hexagon diamond last night, and I have the next 3 ready to be basted.  This one is using just Equinox fabric, I have a couple like this – I have lots of scraps!

Yesterday I took one of my new stencils and made my own pantagraph.  I took some of Alex’s drawing paper, cut it in half and taped enough together to get the width I need for the scrappy car quilt.  I’m hoping to get it quilted in the next day or so, I’d like to take it to guild this week.

I’ve also been working on Month by Month from Sunflower Seed. I’m now halfway done, and still have no clue where it’s going to go!  I’m debating taking down a collage frame in the hallway and putting cross stitch up.  But I also have a spot upstairs in the hallway I could put stuff.  I just don’t know what to do!  I finally put up Dream, Hope, Believe, and Imagine in my office along with the Blessed are the Piece Makers one.

Yesterday I also decided to work on my Quilt Show 2010 BOM.  I got the next row of borders put together and I’m planning on working on it today.  Hoping to make some progress today, then I’m thinking tomorrow I can work on quilting the scrappy car quilt.  I doubt it’ll take long to quilt it, it’s only 36″ x 36″!

Please don’t forget to vote for my quilt Patriotic Lone Star over at Quilting Gallery!

Vote and Hexi Update

I submitted one of my quilts into this week’s contest at Quilting Gallery.  Please go over and vote for me, it’s the red, white and blue Lone Star Quilt!

I made a purse for my sister this week (forgot to get a picture) and I will not make another one of these ever again.  The instructions SUCKED!  I had to get hubby to help me figure out what I was supposed to be doing, I just could not understand what they wanted me to do.  At least it’s done and she said she liked it.

I’ve managed to complete 2 diamonds for my new hexagon quilt, slow going because there are more pieces in each diamond, but I think it’ll look really cool when it’s all done.  I’ve already started working on the 3rd one.

I got my stencils yesterday, now I’m going to see if I can figure out a way to make them into pantographs so I can use them on my frame upstairs.  I have a few quilts to get quilted, my sister is getting antsy for hers!

Off to take a nap, Alex was up at 4:15 this morning and I didn’t get enough sleep!

New Quilt/Learnings

Well, I’ve been busy this week!  I posted on Monday that I started a new quilt, it’s now done!  Here’s my question though, does it need another border?  It’s about 36″ x 36″ and I’m only planning on using it as a quilt in the car, for Alex or if we go on a picnic or something.  I won’t be quilting it until I get my new stencils – and I don’t know when that will be since my order says Pending on the site!  It went together very quickly and I love that I used fabrics from the stash, NOTHING new was bought!

I’ve been thinking about my next hexagon quilt this week and I think I’ve got it designed the way I want it.  The example I found on PaperPieces.com has the diamonds vertically, but I think I like them on their sides.  None of the colors in the EQ version match what I’m actually going to use, since I’ll be pulling from the 2.5″ square bin to make all the diamonds.  I think I’ll do all the diamonds and then put them together with the white, or at least I’ll see how far I get with the hexi papers I already have printed out!  I’ve figured I need 59 full diamonds and 12  half diamonds and this one will finish at 79″ x 85″.  Huge for me!  I just checked sizes and it looks like that might be large enough to fit our king size bed!  I’d have to put big enough borders to hang down the sides, although I might put it on the bed in the guest room.  It’ll be awhile before it’s finished, so I guess it doesn’t matter right now!

I was playing with EQ today while Alex played and hubby was busy on his laptop and learned some new things.  I didn’t realize that you could create a quilt layout from a block!  Here’s the caveat though, the block can only have horizontal and vertical lines – no diagonals or it won’t work. I also figured out how to break blocks apart in Word so that you can show how to make a block, that’s cool!  I did find something I’m disappointed in though, I created the new hexagon quilt in EQ on my mac (using software called VirtualBox to run windows) and created it in a new project.  I can move blocks, layouts (uncolored), photos, fabrics into another project but not colored quilts!  I wanted to move the new quilt into my hexagon project, that sucker took a long time to color in!  Oh well, maybe in the next version?

Well, I’m off to start working on the new hexagon quilt, I think I’ll print out some more papers, I think I’ll need them!

Top is finished!

I did it!  I finished my hexagon quilt last night!  There are 1,033 1″ hexagons in this quilt.  Now I just need to learn how to hand quilt it!  I’m waiting to see if the quilt shop closest to the house is going to offer the hand quilting class any time soon.  The owner was the speaker at guild last week and I asked about it, she said possibly, so I’ll have to wait and see what she decides.  I started this on February 7th, so it only took 5 months to complete, while also working on cross stitch projects.  Tonight I get to start working on galaga again, hopefully it won’t take too long before I can finish it and work on something new.